great closet included fashion boyfriend at Glastonbury Festival

it's difficult to find great hats, now!

Some of my favorite hat from the 50's that i would like in my closet,now.

 50's cover of Vogue


I want Tricot for Fall!

Dior VoilĂ !

my sister is a beauty

I woke up this morning and began my Web routine. On facebook, I perceived this magnificent photo of my sister in a perfect summer look with her short and floral blouse. She's a beauty. Don't you think ?


Ready to wear Anna Sui 2010

Love Anna Sui Mix of Chic 20's cabaret et  Gypsy Look. Good inspiration for sisters who loves to shop vintage.

I could put all the pictures of the  collection ! You can see all of it on ELLE magazine 
My first post is on my fashion obsession of the moment Braid and it is everywhere!

On the runway of Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

Accessories From Adeline Affre
And Shoes from Aldo

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